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July 28, 2017 2 min read

Review 1:

Mysterious and majestic, Zahara stands silent almost blending into her surroundings. Her eyes are searching behind her for something that has caught her attention, possibly something from her past that keeps drawing her back. Perhaps, she is aware of all her surroundings and is searching for what is around her prior to moving forward. Or maybe, she is taking in all the natural beauty that surrounds her. Either way, Zahara is transfixed by something in her surroundings that has captured her complete attention and is oblivious to the fact that there is a slight breeze blowing strands of hair into her face. Zahara, stands still and unmoving, unwilling to give into the demands of nature around her.


Review 2:

There is nothing that is more terrifying that a powerful woman’s hard stare.  Her eyes can answer you with just a look. You can almost feel yourself reflected back in them.  Zahara is the embodiment of this power. Her face, while composed and still, seems to be cracking with live electricity and her eyebrows crack down her face like a bolt of lightning striking the ground.  You don’t need to see a tornado or stand in the midst of a hurricane to see true power, you just need to look deep into a woman’s eyes, a woman like Zahara.

Review 3:

Looking into the past usually brings nothing but pain. Zahara, a beautiful woman, seems to be dwelling in the past. Her forlorn face is still, and her eyes seem to be lost in though. Perhaps she is dreaming of the golden days that are now cloaked in the dust of memories. Her face, while proud and strong, still holds a touch of sadness and melancholy. Her ethereal body seems to dissipate at its edges, similar to the lost family that was driven out of their lands. Even though Zahara seems broken right now, her fierceness lingers like a taste of iron in our mouths, and we know that one day she will raise herself up and continue onward.


Review 4:

Zahara is a woman who has withstood the trials and tribulations that life has thrown at her. With her heritage shaping her into the woman that she has become, she is prepared for anything that life might throw her way. Standing tall and proud, with bits of her past woven into her hair and head dress, Zahara does not stand alone. A woman with a fire and determination in her eyes, knows what she wants and where she is going and nothing is going to stand in her way. The past is urging her forward, while the future is calling for her. Zahara stands strong and confident to take on the world before her!

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