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Kai WIlder

Raised as a surfer on the beautiful beaches of Byron Bay Australia, Kai’s intimate love for the Earth drives his mission to inspire the familiar remembrance of the magic and purity of Gaia that was and will return to. To pull us back into the ancient forgotten past hidden in our bones, to share the lore in the present, to create a new earth. As an artist, his growing transformation and self realization follows the progress and the ever increasing depth the living holograms and stories that are his paintings tell. Ultimately, it’s his main purpose to help us fin our way home, so we can live it here in our daily lives. 

His colourful and vivid visions us express the inextricable connection between Earth and Sky, pulling the stars to the mountains, the mountains to the stars. His process is a dance between his free imaginative style and channeling the visions and dreams he receives. Each masterpiece is unique, each having its own journey, it’s own healing to share for Kai and for the collective. His paintings invite us to listen a little deeper, to the songs that are being shared. 

The crystalline structures, abundant nature, light beings, angels, animal spirit totems and holy codes among the nature and cosmoses he paints are gate keys to our indigenous and cosmic stories and lore. Kai’s work continues to evolve as his journey across the planet to different sacred sites and cultures goes on.