Bear Back

September 05, 2017 2 min read

bear back tapestry

Review 1:

Standing back to back, the entire world is surrounding the two bears who are enchanted by all the wonder that surrounds them. Their reflections are merging together in the water, creating one image that is no longer able to be separated out. The sky is full of flight and wonder, while the mountains and water keep the bears grounded in reality. Each bear stands transfixed and mesmerized by the many airplanes that are flying around the black night sky, flying careful as though to avoid colliding with the numerous stars. It is almost as though time has stood still, while the bears are transfixed on what is going on in the universe around them. Back to back, they are able to stay connected to each other, while being swept away on the wings of the planes.


Review 2:

Standing back to back debating whether to surrender to the outer world, the two bears realize their cover is being washed away. Even though their disguises are night and day, they have come together with a common problem. As their paws start to show their true plain brown and black fur, they fear being their true self. All they wanted to be were unique creatures in an even more unique environment. The planes surround them, leaving them no choice but to shed their disguise and uncover their identity. The stars shine down right on them even in the dark of the night.


Review 3:

The sky is dark, yet the water is alive with a full spectrum of colors. The bears, although seemingly eons different, come together to experience the same world around them. Facing away from each other, they realize opposing perspectives, but one sees what the other cannot. The surrounding airplanes look as though they should frighten the bears, but the animals’ faces look not only unshaken, but serene. They live in a world neither of them can comprehend. The airplanes must seem foreign, like the other human technologies that disturb their natural oasis. The water takes on the reflection of the bears, their symbiotic relationships apparent in the way the water wraps tightly around the bears’ legs.


Review 4:

Shows support as well as duality in nature. The Contrast between two colors complement each other and its pleasing to the eyes. It also shows union of two different entities. A mesmerizing scene of night and mountains in the back. This tapestry evokes emotions of support, love. It also shows how in nature two opposite things can present at one time. If there is no darkness then there is not really a meaning to light either.


Review 5:

This tapestry reminds me of my brother and I. We are 7 years apart so we have never been super close and for the most part we are opposites just as the bears are. On one side you have larger orange bear standing protective over the younger blue bear. Though opposite in color the bears always find themselves back together, which is my hope for my brother and I.