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Solstice Son

"I was born six weeks early on the Summer Solstice of ’89. Much of my youth was spent hovering over a sketchbook, trying desperately to visually translate the beauty of both the real and imagined. Growing alongside technology, I formed a strong relationship with digital media. During the summer of 2013, I was immersed within the world of music festivals and played a part bringing Kaleidoscope Music Festival to Eugene, Oregon. After a sunny season of unforgettable and profoundly life-changing experiences, I had grown deeply in love with the festival scene. I've been drifting in and out of it ever since. 

As an artist, the moniker Solstice Son stands as a multifaceted metaphor and archetypal representation of my place in this life and beyond. It is a concept, a vision, an intention, a focus, and a zenith. A journey of becoming all I can be. An ambition, to forever-expand my creative expression. It is a path full of lessons I've chosen to face during this odyssey, or perhaps it chose me. 

Inspired by techno-shamanic experiences, my work varies as micro-expressions, stepping stones of a grand journey. I seek to intrigue and inspire the seeker. To act as a reminder, a lighthouse. An ever-present illumination in the dark void. An eternal cycle, always returning from oblivion. The spark of an idea, an inspiration, a way of being; to bring light to all moments. Of our unified consciousness, an endless coalescence of all vibratory states. Of the apex of all time and energy, the apotheosis of you and I. If you’d like to to stay current on all things by Solstice Son, head to Instagram.com/solsticesondesign and show some love!


Soltice Son Featured Artist of Third Eye Tapestries