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Custom Designs

At Third Eye Tapestries, we believe in the magic of art and the power of turning everyone’s creations or events into large, beautiful works of art. Custom wall tapestries are a unique and easy way to cover large portions of a wall with your own unique artwork and designs. If you are interested in turning your unique art into a custom tapestry design, you have found the right place. If you like to doodle or draw, paint or scribble, Third Eye Tapestries can turn your art into custom wall art!

In addition, we have talented artists that can promote or decorate your event with a custom tapestry design specific to your event. Whether you just want to see your art turned into a large piece or are looking to promote your art or event, Third Eye Tapestries has you covered. We make these custom works of art on demand and with top of the line equipment and materials. Whether you are looking for 1 tapestry or 1,000 tapestries, we have you covered! Turn your art into a conversation piece with a custom tapestry today.

Third Eye Tapestries have two basic sizes for custom tapestries:

  • Small Custom Tapestries range from 40 by40 inches to 40 by 60 inches ($32.50 each with an MSRP of $65)
  • Large Custom Tapestries range from 60 by 60 inches to 60 by 90 inches ($49.50 each with an MSRP of $99)

    Third Eye Tapestries Features:

  • hanging-loops for easy wall hanging
  • dye sublimation on super-soft, fade resistant durable fabric
  • machine washable and dryer sae
  • mock up images for web use
  • bulk custom tapestry order discounts
    • Please send your custom tapestry art to info@thirdeyetapestries.com via the file sharing method of your choice. For the large custom tapestries please size the smaller side to 60 inches and let the larger side auto adjust. For the small custom tapestries please size the smaller side to 40 inches and let the larger side auto adjust. If the image was created digitally please save at 300 DPI. If it was originated from a photo file please send the file in resized format and raw. We prefer custom tapestry files to be .jpg , .tiff , and .pdf . 

      Please name the custom tapestry files in the following format ArtistName_ArtFileName_60x90.jpg .

      When sending your files please provide an email for Third Eye Tapestries to send a custom tapestry invoice. Once the invoice is paid your custom tapestry will be in the print que. If you would like to get your custom tapestry in the Third Eye Tapestries print que click here.

      If you would like one of Third Eye Tapestries artists to create the custom tapestry artwork  for you please give us a call at +1-631-743-0278 or contact us to go over pricing. 

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