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Danny Stephens

As a collective in an accent towards ultimate novelty, art bridges the gaps that language leaves. I feel that the hive-mind produces solutions to our problems through the creative expression of any individual who pauses long enough to hear the call. Anything else in my mind is speculation. I have re-wrote my statement enough times to learn that my biggest mistake has been to be too concrete in my views and processes. My art has become about curiosity. Each painting is a dive into a particular subject, hoping to visually explain what I fall so short on linguistically. I want each piece to be an ice breaker to a much larger conversation and a condensed form of an idea to be elaborated on. The fields that drive my curiosity most are synchronicity, perception, and the curiously interactive super-ordinate structure that lies just beneath it all. I have come to learn that it is impossible to fully grasp, but I feel it imperative to try. As for why I paint, I truly don’t know yet. I left Mississippi in 2010. After traveling the western states I was led to finish my art teaching degree from the University of Utah in 2015. Landing in Portland after graduating, I discovered visionary art and have been trying to scratch that itch ever since.
Visionary Artist Danny Stephens Featured by Third Eye Tapestries