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Moksha Marquardt

Moksha Marquardt is an artist and writer from Seattle, Washington. His paintings and drawings are love letters to the mysterious spirit of nature. Growing up in the Pacific Northwest has undoubtedly had a profound effect on this art. Much of his work depicts the circle of life and death in a neutral, mystical way. He is trying to express the emotional experience that comes from his experiences hiking the woods and mountains of the North Cascades where there is so much life and death beautifully dancing together.
The animals, trees and plants that he paints aim to illustrate the essence of life and are more depictions of what is felt rather than what is seen. It’s his desire to capture this beauty and complexity in a way that is plain and easy to understand, and that will spark in the viewer a feeling of awe and reverence.

Visionary Artist Moksha Marquardt featured artist of Third Eye Tapestries

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