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Psychedelic Tapestry

Your room is your masterpiece – a place where you seek relaxation and inner calm. Decorating your space with a unique and eye pleasing work of psychedelic art will clearly reflect your personality and illustrate your own taste and sensibilities as well!

Any masterpiece needs a central point of focus... an object or part of the ensemble that weaves all the other elements together in harmony and attracts attention from any angle. And in your room, that central point can be a psychedelic tapestry, a work of art that is truly designed to bring tranquillity into any living space, harmonizing the vibrations in the room and allowing peace to prevail. A kaleidoscope of vibrant colors and patterns, this one central piece of art will complete the look of your room and transform it with a psychedelic feel that will be envied by all who enter.

Get psychedelic tapestries in the most beautiful designs, patterns and fabrics from Third Eye Tapestries and complete the masterwork that is your room.