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Our Pledge

Third Eye Tapestries believes in the power of art and the power of giving back.  Because of this, we have teamed with two honorable charities, Artists Striving to End Poverty (“ASTEP”) and The Humane Society. Each tapestry we sell provides contributions to these notable charities with the hopes of transforming the lives of children, adults and wildlife with the hopes of bettering our world.

ASTEP is a charity that connects artists of various types with underserved populations of children throughout the United States. With the goal of breaking the cycle of poverty, these visual and performing artists hope to awaken the imagination of children, foster critical and creative thinking abilities and improve the quality of life.  ASTEP meets the needs of each individual community by working with schools and programs to tailor to specific needs and risks.

Third Eye Tapestries firmly believes in the power of the arts to enhance the lives of people and has teamed with ASTEP to promote these goals. Both ASTEP and Third Eye Tapestries know that access to the arts is essential to children’s academic and social success and development. Third Eye Tapestries is proud to work with ASTEP to promote collaboration, critical thinking, problem solving and community involvement among youth with the goal of enhancing the lives of children across the United States.

The Humane Society is a wildlife foundation with a mission to ensure that wildlife and wildlands thrive, are conserved and avoid endangerment and extinction.  This includes protecting wildlife from harmful exploitation and destruction of critical habitats, and protecting animals from cruelty, violence and commercial trade.  Third Eye Tapestries firmly believes in the cause of The Humane Society and understands the need to protect our world, our land and our wildlife. Our company is honored to donate proceeds from the sale of our wall tapestries to The Humane Society with the hopes of helping make the world a better place for all living creatures!


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