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Seeing is Believing

July 27, 2017 2 min read

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Review 1:

Amidst all the chaos that surrounds us, there generally tends to be a beacon that holds fast to keep us grounded. The sun serves as the beacon keeping the man grounded while the world is swirling around in utter chaos all around him. Arms stretched open wide to embrace the stability of the sun rising above the darkness, reaching out to swallow up all the darkness and bath the man in brightness that the sun is producing. Relieved to feel the warmth of the sun on his face, the man stands at the top of the windy stairs, arms outstretched basking in all that the sun represents to him.

Review 2:

What does it mean to be human? This question comes to mind when you look at “Seeing is believing”. Are we human because of the DNA that makes up our cells and bodies, or is being human something more? A man’s arms are raised as if to embrace the color, music, and light surrounding him. The mountains below are just reminders of the earth and the physicality that bind him to the ground, but he rises above it. He is more than that, he is color and sound. He is everywhere and he is continuing to rise toward the sun.

Review 3:

Music is something that can help us elevate our minds and our perspective on what is important in life.  Our human ingenuity seems to raise us above what the earth has given us, we can take the earth and use it to make sound that can transport us.  The vibrations that we can create raise us up above the mountains and into the sky. Music creates patterns that appear to each of us differently and expose our true selves. Even if this only happens in our minds eye, we can’t help but let it transform us and create sunlight in our own lives.

Review 4:

After a long trek through the dark and formidable forest, the man is breaking through the clouds and into the warmth of the sun. Arms stretched open wide to embrace the light and glorious sight that the sun is creating after his long journey. Rising above the darkness beneath him, the man has become one with his journey, becoming one with the earth and the stairs that are raising him up above into the embrace of the sun. Within the realm of the sun, there is color, beauty, and warmth all waiting for those who travel through the darkness to find the light.

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