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September 27, 2017 2 min read

wall tapestries

Review 1

Looking into the deep, golden eyes of the wise owl, you understand the knowledge, experience, and understanding he has for the world around him. He sees into the deepest corners of your soul and sees your intentions, your whole heart. The owl’s celestial stare reminds the looker-on that his understanding is deeper than we can comprehend, his wisdom immense, and his grip on common sense exceptionally thorough. His golden color is a reminder of the worth of wisdom. It is a brilliant reminder that gold itself, and the superficial riches it symbolizes, is a far less valuable treasure than the gift of wisdom. The owl’s gold is emanating from within, and it isn’t easily missed.

Review 2

The owl, the symbol of knowledge and wisdom appears to be floating effortlessly against a dark background. The light emanating from inside the owl, represents the wisdom that he holds, symbolizing that wisdom and knowledge over powers the darkness that comes with the lack of profound wisdom and knowledge. The owl sits meekly, not boasting of his immense wisdom, only enticing others to seek out what he has found.  The gold color that he is illuminating, attracts the attention of many, but only a few will seek out the source of the light. Those who dare to seek out the owl, the gold, and wisdom will find it.

Review 3

Conjuring up memories of being a child watching owls swoop down into the hay fields and whisk away whatever food they could find. Though this owl seems to stare into your soul defining you as soon as you look into its piercing gaze. Sort of like a cosmic owl that predicts the future and appears in your dreams to show you a glimpse. He also doesn’t seem to have legs so he must be just constantly flying which would get tiring.

Review 4

The third eye on this picture remind me of third eye of Lord Shiva. It is believed that he opened his eye to demolish Desire(Kama). Third eye also makes this owl look very majestic and wise. There is beautiful sacred geometry type pattern also appears in the background. Looking at this picture transports you to a different dimension.

Review 5

The owl, full of wisdom and intelligence peers into your soul. The status of the owl is shown in its gold and white feathers as it lights up the night. His third eye radiates the fire and motivation of the bird but he still remains cool, calm, and collected. The beauty that exudes from his soul radiates shadows of his thoughts and feelings, which offers more beauty to the starry night.  Peering into his bright golden eyes, you can see the confidence and content he has for the creature he has become. No darkness can take over the light that is within him.

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