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Sir Paisley

September 26, 2017 2 min read

wall tapestries. trippy tapestries

Review 1

A knight of deep space, here stands Sir Paisley, the penguin who started it all. His honorable post created to protect the impotent beings inhabiting the great, dark universe. He oversees with his watchful eye, searching for anything or anyone that may come between him and his indigent audience. His noble stance is a symbol of his strength and power. But he looks down, to his dependents, for a sign of appreciation, with a disappointed glance. Sir Paisley is their provider, protector and caretaker, but they don’t see him. He continually gives of himself to improve their existence, but is met with ingratitude.

Review 2

Sir Paisley takes great pride in being a knight, and a defender of his homeland. While there is immense pride that comes along with this important task, that only a few are privileged enough to undertake, there comes with it great loss. Standing ridged, wearing only his helmet, Sir Paisley is taken back, to a time when he was called upon to stand and defend what needed protection. Flooded with these memories and raw emotions, Sir Paisley bows his head, silently, weighed down out of respect for his homeland, and his fellow knights in armor.

Review 3

Penguins do not belong in space, they belong in Nat geo documentary’s sporadically falling down because they are so clumsy. Unfortunately, the space helmet he is wearing will not efficiently hold oxygen due to the fact that his beak is sticking out of it. His feathers and high body fat will help with the freezing cold of being in space, and for the first time he will be able to fly because of the moons decrease in gravity.

Review 4

Penguins are cute and they have this persona of being harmless in our mind. I really like the use of friendly and clumsy penguin. Background has beautiful use of galaxy. This tapestry is smooth and very beautiful. It also appears that penguin is concentrating on something. I bet there are so many things to worry about when you are a penguin.

Review 5

Sir Paisley, the astronaut penguin is looking over his world and admiring the connections being made from one place to another. He isn’t a normal penguin. His coat isn’t all black but has a unique pattern and his helmet only covers part of his face. He stands tall on his earth and looks down at his people, as he is protecting their homes. His outer space is full of color and mystery, but he keeps his world clean and different, not allowing the unknown in. Instead he takes on the mystery, which is affecting his once black coat. It is slowly matching the colors from outer space. As a protector of the world, he is willing to sacrifice himself for the safety of his people.

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