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Gentle Jelly

October 25, 2017 3 min read

Review 1:

The Gentle Jelly reminds me of the movies Hayao Miyazaki creates. Just a jellyfish floating in outer space surrounded by birds, stars, and bubbles. The jellyfish is headed somewhere but headed nowhere at the same time. It’s just floating about, content and happy. There is a magical aura, and an eternal lifeforce about the jellyfish. Its fuel is happiness. There is a limitless supply of it in the universe. The jellyfish is on an endless journey to discover it all. Along the way the jellyfish picks up other life forms allowing them to enjoy the serenity it exudes and enables them to let go of all their stresses.

Review 2:

This is a very colorful, and beautiful tapestry that can be used to add character to an open space or a confined space. There is stars and remnants of galaxies in the back, so this can also be called a space jelly. The use of warm colors in the tapestry infused with black and some blue is beautiful and very eye-catching. The dark background accented with bright colors gives an illusion of the jelly fish being a glow in the dark kind. The flying doves are also a great addition to the context and it signifies peace.

Review 3:

Slowly, gracefully, gently: the jellyfish moves through the still space surrounding it with one, methodical motion. The bright, fluorescent colors and lights help the creatures coming near know that it’s here, and one touch will send them into a never-ending sleep. The birds in the surrounding space back away as the journeying jelly jumps toward its unknown destination. How can something so beautiful and seemingly harmless, cause such incredible pain? Even the air trapped inside the tiny bubbles around it are floating away, struggling to put distance between themselves and the spineless jellyfish. Unaware of the chaos around it, the jelly floats onward, never hesitating in its journey to its unknown destination.

Review 4:

Bright, beautiful and powerful the jellyfish demands your attention. There is some mystical element to the jellyfish that draws you in, almost tempting you to reach out and touch it. While you are drawn in by its mystical appearance, there is a part of you that is ever so hesitant to stretch out your hand, perhaps it is the sight of the birds hurriedly flying in the opposite direction that give your movements a moments pause. As your brain tries to fully comprehend what it is you are seeing before you, you are mesmerized, caught in a trance like state of mind, fully captivated by what it is you are seeing.

Review 5:

Sir Gentle Jellyfish glides his weightless body swiftly across deep space. The stars shine bright to help guide his travel through the dark galaxy. The stars lend color to the crystals at the ends of his trailing red, orange, and yellow tendrils, causing them to sparkle and gleam in their light. He rushes to make it to the royal, celestial wedding. But, alas, he is late. The doves they release for these occasions soar past. Bubbles blown by other wedding guests float up from the celebration below. He arrives in time to enjoy the wedding feast and dancing. Now to search for a love of his own.

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