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November 08, 2017 2 min read

Review 1:

Union: a man and woman are reuniting after quite some time. Their eyes are closed, they are both slightly leaning in for a kiss to come eventually. Wherever they are, it isn’t this dimension. The bond they have has transcended the time they have been apart. This is a drawn-out reunion for them both. The man has been off exploring the world, and the woman has been as well. Both are of a celestial type. They have powers that they are ready to share with each other, because they are now ready.

Review 2:

Together again at last! The pure joy that they are emanating is reflected in the sun that is shining brightly behind them. From two different worlds, brought together by fate, these two are at peace with where life has brought them. She brings the light and warmth to his dark and coldness. Together they are in perfect harmony, and once again everything is right in the world that they are in. Each has experiences from their past that are reflected in their headdresses, these experiences will help them to understand and support each other. Coming together as two separate beings, they will leave as one. One united in love, peace, and beauty.

Review 3:

This tapestry conveys a profound message about the quality of life. For example, dark would not exist without the light. Beauty exists only because there is ugliness. The use of two distinct colors to portray man and woman in the tapestry further supports the idea. The bright light in the background signifies this union as a holy and powerful union.

Review 4:

Two people, as different as day and night, come together to form one. Like Romeo and Juliet, both from seemingly different worlds, pulled together by an inescapable attraction that, try as they might, they cannot fight. But those differences are what attract them in the first place. When your night, you only get a glimpse of day before you’re forced to turn away, always yearning for the sun’s warm touch. And the day chases the darkness of night over and over, only to remain one sunset away. Until all the chasing comes to an abrupt stop. And those seemingly different people find themselves face-to-face with what they’ve been searching for all along, someone who has the strengths they were lacking.

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