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Electric Banana

November 01, 2017 3 min read

Review 1:

Electric Banana immediately makes me think of some futuristic society where animals have obtained human likeness. This monkey has a space racing background and is currently taking a break at a nightclub. He’s doped up and completely immersed in his banana because he’s tripping on whatever is running through his bloodstream. Time has slowed down while he’s floating in another dimension. Atop of clouds, he’s taken back to the forms of his primitive ancestors who didn’t know the human tongue. The banana starts to float and is suddenly the portal that takes him back to the nightclub where he is sitting on the couch once again.

Review 2:

The chimps seems to be longing for something more than the banana that has escaped his grasp. He is wearing a helmet and looks to be prepared for the devouring of the fruit he has before him. And maybe it is just that. Maybe the chimp just wants to banana. Is that all his is looking forward to? Is that all he will ever look forward too? I guess we will never know.

Review 3:

We all are evolved from the primate monkey ancestors. The astronaut hat on the monkey is suggesting human race to keep going forward with the technological advances. The geometric representation on top of the tapestry further engages our inquiring mind. Banana is going all electric and the monkey looks like he just cannot wait to devour the banana. This banana may provide super powers to the monkey or at least it will cure its insatiable appetite for knowledge.

Review 4:

My banana, it’s glowing! It hovers above my hand as if a bored Zeus were hiding behind a nearby cloud and playing a trick with his pious powers. But even so, I can’t bring myself to touch it. I’ve wanted only to hold the ripe, yellow fruit in my hand all day, but now that it’s here, suspended just a few inches from my face, easily within my grasp, I can’t bring myself to reach for it. Since I can remember, bananas have always been my favorite afternoon snack, a close second: calamari. But I’ve never seen an octopus or a banana float in mid-air. Maybe this banana was special? Picked from a magical tree? Forged by the gods themselves? *Rumbling* Magic or not, I’m hungry. And it’s time for my afternoon snack. 

Review 5:

There is something magical about watching a monkey tap into his inner child and be entertained by something as simple as a banana. Squishing the peel and watching the banana shoot up into the air, provides countless hours of entertainment for this beautiful monkey. Sitting on a pillow of clouds, there is no other care in the world, then watching the banana shoot up, and drop back down. Oblivious to anything else going on around him, the monkey wears a helmet to protect himself from all of the other debris that are flying around in space besides his banana.

Review 6:

What an incredible find on this mostly desolate planet. A bright yellow banana. It shines, lending color to everything around it. As the monkey examines the electric banana, it unexpectedly shoots from the peel. The banana is not moving towards him. It is floating away. He realizes that eating the banana is not as easy as he once thought. It requires a colossal collision between the banana and himself. In this collision scenario, he expects to be the victor. In the ensuing chaos, he darts through space in all directions, chasing the banana, until finally, chomp!

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