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Eye Cee U

November 20, 2017 2 min read


Review 1:

In a world of mystery, the majestic sea turtle swims by silently observing everything around him. Most others are oblivious of his massive presence as he is gentle and doesn’t pose a threat to those around him. His ability to blend into his surroundings when needed is what makes him truly a majestic creature of the sea. How human like are his characteristics, a silent bystander who observes and sees all, yet isn’t necessarily seen himself. Blending in when necessary, and never drawing unnecessary attention to oneself. Always watching, always observing, the sea turtle silently swims by. Leading a life of solidarity and peace without complaint.

Review 2:

The tortoise is poised, calculated, and intelligent. As the leader of his kind, all end decisions are made by him. The tortoise has his eyes set on something we are unable to see, conveying a sort of alarming calmness around him. Something that is unusual for a quiet creature. It is a quality more becoming of a shark. You can tell his circles run far and wide, as does is experience navigating the seas. And so, he swims, aware of everything happening around him. His knowledge even extends to the world above him. But it doesn’t concern him, since his domain is under the sea.

Review 3:

Exhibit A: the sea turtle. It floats coolly through the water, aware of its surroundings, yet seeming calm. The quiet of the sea surrounds it, but the lack of sound doesn’t mean the water is void of action. Schools of fish swim to and fro, each with their own priorities, but all led purely by instinct and the desire to survive. The sea turtles are the grandparents of the sea, with experiences and years that far surpass those of the small schools of fish. They look on at the other sea creatures with eyes filled with the wisdom that comes with age.

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