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June 09, 2017 2 min read


Review 1:

Beautiful and majestic the unicorn slips quietly through the night. Mysterious as the legend that surrounds the unicorn, no one quite knows where to find them. A silent symbol of fairytales, happiness, and joy. Step into the mysterious night and follow the unicorn on an adventure of a lifetime. Leave reality behind and step into a world of magic—a world that you never want to leave. The unicorn stands silently, beckoning for someone to follow and learn the way of the unicorn. So, take a deep breath and step confidently into the wonder lit night with the unicorn and have your eyes opened to a whole new world of discovery.



Review 2:

A cold midnight sky and snow-capped mountains are all that seems to be in the world of this majestic beast.   The sky dances like a patchwork of peacock feathers, bringing a sense of wonder and beauty to the dark and cold night. The unicorn, a symbol of purity, seems to stare straight into your heart as if searching for a kindred spirit. Her majestic horn seems to be a beacon, lighting the world around it. And though her mane flows wild and free, as if blown by a winter wind, she steadfastly faces toward the future with no wavering strength, bold and proud.  


Review 3:

Standing under the crescent moon, the unicorn keeps his head straightforward towards his future away from the cold wintry days and into the warmth of the sun. As he awaits his journey to better days, he sees his breath in the brisk air, and knows that he is leaving all that he has ever known. Hoping that he blends in with those around him, he doesn’t know that he was born to stand out. His blue patterned coat may have only been meant for the snowy mountains in the past, but is now meant to be seen by all that come in his presence. 

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