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DOGT Tapestry

May 04, 2017 2 min read

Review 1:

Exploring new worlds, while full of possibilities, is a lonely existence. This out of place beast reminds us how lonely the wild frontier can be to those who dare to dream of a new home and adventure.  His lost home, tantalizingly and almost painfully out of reach, sits behind him as a hovering reminder of what he has left behind.  He is not made to survive in this new home of his, this barren landscape a dull and ghostly setting contrasting sharply to his visceral and glowing skin. And though the night sky burns and shifts with possibility of something more, our brave explorer sits in reflection of the challenges that he had previously so proudly embraced.

Review 2:

As the friendly creature sits with confidence, knowing he is different yet similar in nature to the strange surroundings that surround him. While standing out, noticeably different the creature is yet strangely familiar to all those who look upon him. From his gentle eyes, that seem to draw you into him, to his out stretched arms, almost as if you’d just encountered a long-lost friend. Yet, as familiar as he is to you, you’ve never seen the creature before outside of your imagination. You are drawn in, and can’t divert your eyes to look past the creature who is beckoning you to reach out and join him in his strange universal solitude.

Review 3:

In places our imagination can only take us are creatures only our imagination can animate. Under swirling skies and jagged rocks are found fantastic opportunities of exploration and adventure. Where did he come from, where is he going, maybe he’s right where he wants to be? As you let your mind drift and swirl with the possibilities of, a new world, a new reality, you will carry your thoughts to places only you can take them. Places only you know. But I hope you will take this curious creature with you, I’m sure he too will be interested to see where your imagination will go.

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