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Time Master Poop Sloth

June 13, 2017 2 min read

Review 1:

The Sloth of Time squats, casually holding a pocket-watch, smiling distantly into the violet oblivion. Camels march below him, indicating the passing of our dry, monotonous, day-to-day life. Behind him crouches a foreboding sand-timer, seeming to gaze up at us with a menacing glare. His contents, dark, black, and dreary, remind us that while time flows gently like the smile of a sloth, it also gushes like cold, tumbling sand. Still, the camels trudge on, lost in the vapory mountains of existence. Little do the tiny animals know that they walk beneath two strange beings: A smiling, ignorant sloth, and angry, urgent sand.



Review 2:

Some say that time only exists because we allow it to. The humble sloth is a reminder to take a break and to enjoy life. The hourglass sits forebodingly behind him, a reminder that time continually passes, never ending the black sand trickling through forever. But his hand is outstretched, the joyous pink flying away and turning into black, as if he has finally mastered the hourglass and time itself. The question that we seemed forced to contemplate is whether we too can control the time that we hold in our hands, or whether we are letting the idea of time control us.


Review 3:

Blurring reality with fantasy sits the master of time. While time continues to march forward, never slowing, never picking up speed. Oblivious to that which is around him, the Time Mater Sloth conjures up new realities to which time does not apply. Fantasy captures the attention of the sloth, while time falls to the side, seemingly forgotten.  The mysterious allure of fantasy draws him into another world where the constraints of time do not apply, where time is just an imaginary concept. The sloth of time, is captivated by what could be instead of what is happening all around him. Completely oblivious to the large hourglass marking the passage of time, while the camels march ever onward below, the sloth only has eyes for the fantasy he is creating.

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