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Eyes Wide Shut

July 05, 2017 2 min read

blog image of the tapestry

Review 1:

The throat chakra is mainly affected by excessive stress and fear, things that prevent us from speaking out.  This proud, powerful tiger can be seen as a reminder to speak out and overcome our insecurities. His eyes are shut tight, the reason unclear, but the energy that radiates off of him seems to light up the planets surrounding him. Only by looking with our ‘eyes wide shut’, and using our other senses can we understand and truly communicate. What we can take away is simple. Only by reaching from within ourselves and overcoming the insecurities we hold within ourselves will we be able to adequately communicate with those around us.


Review 2:

In vivid hue, this majestic animal pays no mind to the dimly lit atmosphere around him. He defiantly shuts out his surroundings, and instead, lets his inner eye come alive. Inside, he is ferociously colorful. Inside, he is fight, and might, and light. Though all around him is the murmuring cold, his being burns brighter than any darkness can quench. He reminds us that no matter what our surroundings are, and no matter how trapped we may feel, we do not have to be puppets to our pain. We are wild. We are fierce. We are vibrant. We are tigers.


Review 3:

Just like the tiger, outside influences may have an effect on our outer being, while our insides are protected from the harmful elements. Our inner eye, sees all and knows all that is happening around us, while still being protected from our outer shell that is seemingly unravelling around us. Despite the outside elements, the Tiger stands tall and proud, as tigers do, unwilling to give into the elements surrounding him. Be like the Tiger, stand tall and proud, unwavering in the black swirling chaos that threatens to engulf you. Embrace your inner self, and protect it with all that you are.


Review 4:

The tiger has figured it out. He proudly holds his head up because he no longer needs his eye sight to know where to go but sees from his heart. He has learned that the complexity of overthinking needs to be taken out of the equation in order to realize what it is you truly want. He was once blind but has learned to peel those layers off one by one. The ones that had masked his heart from seeing the truth. That being the path he must travel which brings a sense of calmness and peace. The past is in the past. The only option is to move forward. Never looking back. Only looking towards the future because any other option will cause you to close back up.

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