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The Seeker

July 25, 2017 2 min read

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Review 1:

Mystical and dark a lone woman is searching for The Seeker. Protected by serpents by air, and statues of others who dared to seek out the seeker, the true Seeker sits safe hidden from all outsiders. Proceeding forward with a sense of caution, the woman is hesitant to venture forth into the heart of The Seeker’s castle. While the whole castle is lit up by lights, the night sky remains pitch black, oblivious to the lights that are emanating from within. There is an eerie feel in the air, so think the woman feels as though she is pushing against a thick wall of air. Pausing for only a moment, the women gathers her courage to venture inside to find the Seeker, the one that she has come all this way to find.


Review 2:

The ancient Egyptians were known for their stories and myths of Gods and mythical creatures. One of the most notorious creatures that sticks with you is the mysterious Sphinx, a mysterious woman with the body of a lion and the wings of eagle. She is treacherous, a wise guardian of Thebes that holds her position in high regard and kills all who she deems unworthy.  The woman approaching the passage is determined to leave victorious, she is a seeker and cannot turn back. We can only look on and wonder what the next minute of action will bring, her victory or her demise.


Review 3:

Looking for what we need is always hard to start doing.  Whether we feel we are minutes from success or whether we are needing to find something more in our lives, it can sometimes feel like a daunting task. The palace looming before our seeker can relate to us on a personal level.  What challenges, whether real or imagined, are facing us? Are they solid, like the statues and doors facing our seeker? Or are the ethereal and imagined like the ghosts that are defending the light that our seeker is looking for? We will never know unless we start our quest.


Review 4:

Like a beacon in the night, the smoke snakes and the lights emanating off the buildings into the night sky, serve as a refuge for weary travelers. The Seeker, resides within serving as a listening ear to all those who venture to seek him out. Providing wisdom and guidance for those who are willing to listen to the guidance that the Seeker provides. The woman raises her light above her head, hesitating for only a moment prior to adventuring forward into the unknown to meet the Seeker.

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