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July 07, 2017 2 min read


Review 1:

Music is able to transport us to a different world in the blink of an eye.  We can use the magic that is embedded in song to create a space of our own, and put us in a headspace where we ourselves can become the creators and visualizers of sound. The young boy in this image seems to be channeling that energy, creating a colorful, psychedelic world all his own. A beautiful place where light dances around you, giant creatures float by you into the sky, and blooms of flowers light the ground beneath you. No matter how you interpret the sound that cocoons you, its beauty can’t be denied.


Review 2:

The mind is a powerful thing, the ability to conjure up vivid images in our imagination. Bringing our imagination to life is a magical aspect that is profound and exciting. The small child, sits completely immersed in the world that he has created in his mind; oblivious to anything else that might be taking place around him. Bright vivid colors draw attention to the exciting components of the child’s imagination, aspects that his mind spent the most time conjuring up.  The dark background provides deep contrast between what the child is focusing on, and what is lurking subconsciously in the background.


Review 3:

The mind of a little boy is one of a kind. One minute he is sitting on the ground in his room and the next he is in a world of his own, one he has dreamed up. The darkness still surrounds him but the illuminated flowers and mushrooms bring a little glimmer of light into his life. He has learned to shut out the world. No sound can break the barrier because of his made-up jellyfish that won’t let it fully in. He is tuning it all out because it is his only escape from the real world. The little boy doesn’t wish for a wild adventure but a little peace and quiet.

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