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Strange Cargo

January 05, 2018 2 min read


Review 1:

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away… while floating through the abyss that is the cosmos, our ship comes upon the strangest planet we’ve seen to date. Its multiple biomes suggest many types of lifeforms, with a variety of needs, congregate there. Its lush surface proports a similar biological make-up to the foliage on our own planet, but it seems to thrive in the oxygen-deprived atmosphere. A dome resembling a glass globe appears to offer protection, either from intruders or from the atmosphere itself. But what is it keeping in, or out? Is it us? Or is there more in the universe to fear that we have yet to discover?

Review 2:

Emerging from the confusion was the Strange Cargo brought by masked entities. It came unwrapped and in the open for everyone to see. The shipping address seemed normal enough, but the load itself was mysterious. With a distinct aura surrounding it, it was a piece that was intelligent. The design was simple yet complex. A solitary statue type ensemble composed of a sun, a pineapple type bulb beneath, a mini world with water, and underneath that a living pot with clear blue eyes. Who bought this, and where, was unknown. The shipment crew dropped it off where it stayed in the same spot until it was shipped out.

Review 3:

Strange Cargo is a well-balanced tapestry of warm and cool colors.  This majestic tapestry provides a variety of contours.  The shell-like images encourage thoughts of the beach, ocean, and slightly salty mist brushing along your face.  Along with that, the green and blue colors in the tapestry induce the thought of kelp, sea shells, sea weed, and other plants along the ocean coast.  The imitation of a water-color-like background increase the feeling of authenticity, originality, and creativity.  Overall this is an incredible tapestry designed to lull you away to a beach paradise!

Review 4:

Strange, yet precious, this orb of life and imagination blend together creating something that is unique and completely personal. Reflecting a perfect blend of both pain and tranquility, show casing that one can rise above the pain, and darkness and emerge strong, beautiful and better because of it. Because of one’s natural instincts to protect oneself from potential dangers, it comes as no surprise that the perfect imagined world is encased in a glass enclosure, protecting it from the outside elements that might contaminate it and ultimately destroy it.

Review 5:

A beautiful mix of color green and different shades of red. Very appealing to the eyes. Many eye shaped objects in the tapestry gives the feeling of being watched by superior entities. The glowing yellow dot on top mimics the sun and is visually appealing. Detailed work shows an eco-system of some sort hence the use of floral and plant pattern.

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