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Alpenglow—Moraine Lake

January 12, 2018 2 min read


Review 1:

The cold water of Moraine Lake sits still, like glass. Mountains surround it, as if providing protection, keeping away anything that dares to shatter its perfect reflection. The air is still, and the sky is perfectly clear. Silence. Except for the sound of the birds calling and my breathing. The lake feels pure, untainted - isolated by the Canadian backcountry. But isolation feels good, just the sound of the birds and you, unaware of everyone and everything happening outside of your line of sight. How peaceful isolation can be. How rejuvenating it can be to sit still and feel the moment, the quiet, perfectly peaceful moment.

Review 2:

The beautiful scenery betrayed the difficulty that met the individuals who hiked to the lake. The gorgeous lake was located at the top of a mountain, twenty thousand feet up in the sky. At those levels, oxygen was scarce, and adventurous souls daring to do the trek were even more scarce. For the few lucky boots that did make it to the top, the strenuous hike rewarded them a scene from a movie. The aqua colored water perfectly reflected the mountains looking deep into it. The trees, ever green, seemed to have never been touched by Earth’s seasons. It was a place untouched by the eyes of time.

Review 3:

A majestic mountain, an incredible lake, and beautiful forestry provide feelings of wonder, excitement and awe and all of those are portrayed right here. This beautiful tapestry is the perfect item to have hanging in your house to inspire higher thinking, elevated feelings, and building goals.  When I look at this tapestry it activates my sense of adventure, intrigue, and excitement.  I look forward to the next possible opportunity I have to “bum it” in the outdoors and enjoy the relaxation of a campfire, s’mores, stargazing, calm blue water, and pure open air.

Review 4:

Standing still, not daring to breath, one can not possibly take in all of the beauty that surrounds you when standing on the edge of Moraine Lake. Such beauty is hard to find anywhere else in the world, and even harder to imagine that it actually exists. There is something magical, and tranquil about this place, off in the distance a faint bird call can be heard, while nothing else dares to disturb the silence. This place is so picturesque, left untouched by human hands, in its perfect natural state.

Review 5:

An alluring panoramic view of tough mountains and calm lake. Parts of the mountains are lit by the sunlight and reflection of the surroundings in the lake is incredible. Just by merely looking at the tapestry one’s consciousness could be transported to the exact moment of all the beautiful scenes anyone has experienced in their lives. The combination of warm, colors of the sunlit mountain, and cold colors (snow, blue sky and lake) is very appealing to eyes and truly makes this tapestry a memorable gift for any occasion.

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