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Nassau Bahamas

January 01, 2018 3 min read

Review 1:

The Nassau Bahamas is a photo of a tree. A tree that sits in the middle of a field with a few trees surrounding it. When I see the picture, I think of a midsummer day. Not too hot, with just the right amount of breeze. No responsibilities, no worries, kind of like being a child again. The tree has a lot of branches for which a child could climb on. The roots are thick, and I imagine they extend into the ground hundreds of feet. When you look at the tree, you feel serenity. You feel at peace.

Review 2:

This tree represents life, not only in the sense of being a living thing but in its natural beauty. Twisted, gnarly and hardened at the bottom, the tree has had to withstand the elements to grow into the majestic tree that it has become. The top is vast and wide, branching out to create a larger than life appearance, each branch representing victory and life. Raising above the elements that are so intricately interwind creating the stable foundation for the tree to grow from. Unbeknownst to the foliage around the tree, the tree is full of wisdom, knowledge and grace. All living creatures great and small who happen upon this majestic natural creation, can learn from its resilience, and tenacity to grow despite the hard beginnings.

Review 3:

This is a glorious tree that seems to be alive in many different ways, not just as a plant.  The way the immense roots turn into a powerful trunk only to spring up and out as that trunk turns into a dozen strong branches is enabling.  Looking at this brings a sense of optimism and hope that there will always be something good right around the corner.  As beams of light shine through the leaves and branches, this tree is becoming stronger and stronger.  It could provide both protection and an opportunity / place to relax and think while leaning up against the trunk.

Review 4:

The oldest and largest tree in all of Nassau Bahamas is an inspiration for all that see it. The roots that run deep in the earth and the large base of the tree gives the tree a strong foundation. Nothing can bring this tree down. He has gone through a lot of turmoil but has grown deeper in the earth and taller in the sky. The branches that go out in every direction are thick and sturdy allowing the creatures of the earth to trust their safety therein. The beautiful leaves give the tree the full complete look of the warmth that the Bahamas gives.

Review 5:

The life of a tree is a long one. They stand straight and strong through storms and wars and continue to grow, upward and outward. Trees live far longer than you or I, and if they could talk, they could answer every question we have about the past and every question we never thought to ask. They could describe the amazing, beautiful feats people have accomplished and the incredible atrocities we have collectively committed. This Nassau tree has likely seen years of oppression and heartache inflicted upon slaves and pirate captives. But the Bahamian tree would also have felt the warm summer breeze and seen the brightly-colored native dancing fill the nearby streets. This tree would see the joy and the pain we bring each other, the selfishness and the selflessness that make us human. But without falter, it continues to grow, upward and outward.

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