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Spaceman Spliff

September 25, 2017 2 min read

wall tapestries, trippy tapestries

Review 1

Alone. In a sea of color and movement, the astronaut is alone with his reflection. The beautiful world around her is bustling, but the only person there to witness is the blurred duplicate of herself looking up at her from the water’s surface. She looks around at the gorgeously painted sky around her, and gawks at the newness of all she sees. She’s in the moment, taking in the serenity of the landscape before her. No one else would get to experience this moment; no one else would appreciate the sight her eyes were seeing.

Review 2

In a foreign, strange world, away from everything and everyone he has ever known, the astronaut is surrounded by more unearthly natural beauty than they eye can take in. Bright vivid colors dancing behind him, creating a peaceful, comforting scene, while distorting the reflection…showing what is truly going on inside. It is as though, the swirls and the reflection are an eye into the soul. Standing stoic and ridged, the astronaut appears to be confident and mesmerized by what is around him, while the reflection shows that deep down, inside, he is anxious about being in a strange world, alone.

Review 3

While journeying on a newfound planet, the spaceman is suddenly engulfed in a splendidly colorful aurora that takes his breath away. He looks around at the astounding beauty that surrounds him and wishes his loved ones could be here with him to experience it. Although he yearns for home, he decides to soak in this once in a lifetime experience. He looks down at the rippling reflection of himself and realizes that he must live in the moment as the past fades away.

Review 4

Now this is a real spaceman. He seems properly equipped to deal with the lack of oxygen and coldness of space. He looks to be located on some sort of volcanic planet or maybe is sitting in a sea. A sea that reflects all the colors of his emotional spectrum. His shadow is cast across the water revealing his true character to himself. Or he could be standing in a pool of lava because it actually is a volcanic planet and the shadow is from the sun.

Review 5

This reminds me of my happy corner. Colors are vibrant and artwork is great. The background is very beautiful and melty. Outer Space travelling is only achieved by us humans. This tapestry celebrates this achievement of mankind.

Review 6

On a new planet, the astronaut is surrounded by bright majestic colors. His gloomy suit bleeds black and blue into the body of water he wades through. The astronaut obviously stands out in this groovy environment. While he continues to explore this new world, he notices his reflection in the water, although it doesn’t look like him. His reflection is transforming him into what he would look like in this world. A figure with large swirls that make up most of his body. Whether he likes it or not, coming to this planet is going to change him, but he keeps his gear on to protect him, not ready to fully change.

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