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Dwights Den

September 07, 2017 2 min read

dwight tapestries

Review 1:

Dwight the dog is in his own world, his “den”. The groovy colorful smoke is successfully taking over the darkness that once surrounded him. His den isn’t the typical hound den because his creative mind is making it come to life. As mushrooms come out of his ears one by one, Dwight stares off with his blue and green eyes, drooling with hunger and thirst for more mushrooms. The mushrooms allow him to not think about his real world. He gets to create his den however he wants, but chooses the mushroom to bring more life and color into his world.

Review 2:

We often consider dogs to be man’s best friend, but where is this dog’s “man?” With fungi growing along its coat, it appears as if deserted by its caretaker, its master. The dogs’ tongue droops from its mouth and its glazed eyes reflect an emptiness, and a tinge of hope. But hope for what? A returned master? Much needed sustenance? A squirrel? This face is a face of desperation. A dog that is desperate for something it has continually longed to have, or feel. But this conclusion leaves out one large piece to the puzzle that is this tapestry: the mushrooms. Could something within these mushrooms caused the hanging tongue and the glazed over eyes?

Review 3:

Living a world entirely his own, Dwight’s Den is the perfect place for him to be himself. It has been so long since Dwight has ventured outside of his den, his safe space, that he has started to become one with his surroundings. Blending into the swirling smoke, that he is starting to lose track of where he ends, and his den begins. It is as though, Dwight has been beaten down so much that he has a lost, forlorn look to his eyes, and his tongue hangs lazily from the corner of his mouth. It is getting to the point that the mushrooms are starting to grow on Dwight, as if he were placed there specifically for them.

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