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Solar Flare

December 25, 2017 3 min read

Review 1:

The image of a woman, presumably, engulfed in the latest RPG game within her headset. The headset itself is something of wonder. It can take a person out of this reality and into a new one. Emitting a hormone stimulating drug, it blends reality and fantasy. All the senses are thrown into the fiction the headset creates. This woman has only been immersed for a short time, but has had something awaken inside of her. When she does come to, she will find her mental “state” has changed. While the headset creates the same experience for each user, only the user’s latent potential can make the headset awaken their inner flare.

Review 2:

This tapestry has exquisite and vibrant colors to catch the eye. The yellow accentuates the sounds that seem to be portraying from the person while the blue and the darker background colors show you what kinds of sounds the person is hearing.  I love the outline of the mountains and the sunset in the background that seem to elicit a sense of wonder, amazement, and awe.  The streaks of blue across the bottom-left corner make it feel wavy and in motion, overall this is an excellent tapestry that draws the eyes and the mind!

Review 3:

Music can illuminate and inspire the mind and body. Music can be the key to open the imagination, to explore every idea in the mind. The warmth from the flare of music can just be the trigger needed to open you up and allow all thoughts to flow to and from. The dark, depressing environment can’t even cover up the light that is shining through the soul. Light will always beat the darkness. The music is going through the soul and allowing the world to lighten up. He is able to give some light to the sky so it is not so dark. As he burns bright, his surroundings are beginning to lighten up to. A little thing like music can change the whole world and the outlook you have of the world.

Review 4:

He puts on his headphones and the world transforms. He’s thrown into a bright world full of color and dimension, a world that is constantly changing with every moment. He closes his eyes and lets the music take him away from his struggle and heartache, escaping to the majestic memory of a time that has yet to come. From dark minors to beats that could make even the most sorrow-filled soul breakout in dance, he’s taken on a winding ride from peak to valley and then back again. And then, with a jolt, he’s brought back to the real world. But with a renewed hope that someday his life will echo the upbeat, light-hearted rhythm that brought him bliss moments before.

Review 5:

Imagination and the mind are both wonder, powerful elements. Working together you can create a world that is unique and perfect in its own way. In your minds eye, anything is possible. Darkness can fade into light, sun light can consume you, or you can drift away into an entirely new place; somewhere the is unlike anywhere you’ve ever been before, somewhere where the rules you are accustomed to no longer apply. Throw off the shackles that bind you to reality, and connect with your inner self and discover what your imagination has created for you, a place that only you can truly visit. Be bold. Be adventurous. Be you!

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