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Astral Wolves

December 18, 2017 2 min read

Review 1:

These astral wolves are a pack of wolves that protect a gem in the outer ring of stars. They are non physical creatures and only appear if a threat surfaces. If one is lucky enough to see them, it is because they have ventured close to the gem. The gem they guard has been in existence for thousands of years. Nobody knows why the gems are special, nor what their purpose is. The element populates a planet, comprised of the gem purely, and no other animals live there. Even the gem itself is mesmerizing. It strikes wonder in the minds of everyone.

Review 2:

Majestic wolves portray a sense of excitement, curiosity, and intelligence.  This tapestry shows the perfect colors to make one think that these wolves are travelling through the wintery mountains in a magical wonderland.  Although purples doesn’t resemble winter, this tapestry ties the two together so that it feels like a wintery tapestry.  It also makes them appear as though they’re hunting for something, or curious about an unknown animal in their land.  They are leaving their den to find the animal and discover whether or not it’s a threat, all the while travelling cautiously from place to place.

Review 3:

As the Wolves begin to blend in with their surroundings, they still have the ability to stand out. Their eyes light up like the stars in the sky. They give off a blue warm radiant light as they hold their heads up. The wolves are surrounded by stars but contain the brightest stars in the galaxy, their eyes. As they watch over the galaxy they can only imagine how their eyes could be the light of worlds around them. No longer in a pack, the wolves travel together sharing their light with those around them, leading the travelers of other worlds.

Review 4:

The wolves look at each other knowingly. Their communication requires no words, like with a psychic connection, they know each other. They know what the other is seeing, feeling, needing, as soon as they do. Their connection surpasses anything obtainable in this dimension, it is extraordinary, paranormal even. Their dimension’s crystalline energy is the source of their exceptional tele communicative power. With it, their mind and bodies are each separate. Allowing their minds to unite, while their bodies remain isolated.  They move forward into the dark, mystic night with one mind and one purpose, anticipating the other’s thoughts and needs.  

Review 5:

Almost mystical like, the wolves emanate of the light that surrounds them. Silent and unmoving, they stand at attention, aware of everything that is happening around them, without drawing an ounce of attention to themselves. They stand in a vast body of water that is in turmoil, yet it does not phase them, as they are transfixed on what is in the distance, just beyond the point where human eyes can see. These majestic, creatures are committed to standing their ground, and as a reward will be bestowed the jewels that are lingering in the corner of their vision, yet, just out of reach. If they survive all the treasures will be theirs for the keeping. If they survive what is coming.

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