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Kanjanaburi Waterfall

September 06, 2017 2 min read

waterfall tapestry

Review 1:

Beautiful, peaceful, and serene the waterfall is ever moving, ever flowing, creating a peaceful oasis for all those who happen upon this scared ground. The white water of the falls creates a stark contrast from that of the greenish hue of the water, drawing the individuals eye to the waterfalls. Creating a magical feeling in the air that draws you in, holding you captive, reluctant to let go. The aged trees are perfect for creating a scene that is private and obscure from the other surroundings. The water is a symbol of change and progress while the still water below the falls symbolizes comfort and familiarity.

Review 2:

Can you think of anything more beautiful than a waterfall? The rushing water flows swift and strong over the sharp rocks, falling and then crashing into its already fallen self. The water below is still and smooth, as if to rest from the recent climax on its journey along the river. The still water’s green color, a reflection of its connection to the trees towering above it, their beautiful color creating an illusion of peace and serenity. How beautiful the scene is to behold, but not because of the colors and the smooth, natural lines, but the peace. The beauty created by the strength of the river, the connections between living things, and the serenity of the water reflects the beauty we search for on our personal journeys.

Review 3:

Kanjanaburi waterfall flows over the rocks into the bright green lake which is full of peace and beauty. The brightness of the shine coming through the branches and leaves of the tree reflect into the lake causing green to be seen everywhere. No creature can be seen but the stillness of the water brings a calming sense of peace and happiness. The cleanness and clarity of the waterfall pouring into the lake slowly fills up the lake with more shades of green. As the leaves hang over the water and help cast shadows into the lake, the sun still over powers and lights the scene.

Review 4:

Everyone loves a water fall. It’s for good reason too, they are peaceful, and being in the water itself is amazing when there is a waterfall splashing above you. This scene gives you the sense of peace. The smooth water and bright green leaves give you the feeling that you’re in your own little jungle paradise.


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