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January 19, 2018 2 min read

Review 1:

The jellyfish wander the skies. Unaware and unfeeling, they float mindlessly through the purple heavens. Not sure where they’re going, or where they’ve been, they float on. While predators look upon them with drooling mouths and bared teeth, they float on. Without the anxiety that comes from worrying about who’s watching or where they should be, they float on. They could have been attacked mere moments earlier, and yet, they float on, imperturbable and forever collected. How relaxing would the life of a jellyfish be? No worries for the future or the past, just the untouchable serenity that comes from continually floating on.

Review 2:

It had started. As she swam under, she began to see it in all the colors human cameras could never capture. The Jellyfish echoed a psychedelic touch, and suddenly, nothing was as dangerous as it seemed. Her third eye had opened, and she was mesmerized by what she had always lived by. The sea life was vibrant and booming, almost as if there was a lifeforce connecting them all. And there was. This force that flowed beyond, surrounded her and flowed through her, connecting her to the psychedelic scenery. If it was all in her head, it was all too real.

Review 3:

The perfect tapestry to take with you on your next trip snorkeling, scuba diving, or to the beach.  This incredible image elicits a sense of subtle but powerful beauty.  Jellyfish, kelp, the deep blue, and beautiful orange fish are all portrayed very well in this tapestry.  It pulls you in to the portrayed water where it almost feels like you’re floating in the ocean surrounded by wildlife of all kind and what’s in front of you is the Jellyfish that await you to follow them.  The sun shines through the water above as you feel the power of the ocean.

Review 4:

Under the canopy of the deep blue ocean, three lone jellyfish float calmly through the water with minimal obstacles to navigate. Just out of reach of the relentless seaweed, these beautiful, yet mysterious jellyfish continue on their way. The bright vivid colors emanating from their bodies, warn others to move out of the way, while lighting the way in the vast, dark ocean waters. A lot can be learned from observing the jellyfish—dare to be different, dare to be bold, and continue on, unwavering.

Review 5:

This tapestry shows inspiring use of color palettes and sacred geometry. The background of this tapestry is a cool blue color gradient imbedded with many circles and polygons. The jellyfishes look like aliens from deep blue ocean. The bottom part of the tapestry incorporated more eye-pleasing patterns and fish like creatures. Looking at this tapestry give a feeling of looking at an appealing alien aquarium full of colors.

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