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February 13, 2018 2 min read

Review 1:

This image seems to emphasize the importance of balancing your life with working hard and persevering during challenges as a tree must work constantly to get strong enough to stay standing, resolute and strong.  Additionally, with the eye in the middle of the tree it encourages using foresight as we make decisions in our life to become the people we want to, balanced and free to do what we would like to.  The planets and stars in the background, to me, encourage the thought of deity and how much God plays an important role in our lives if we let him.

Review 2:

There is much to be said and to learn about finding and achieving balance in one’s life. Whether it is through outside sources, or by turning inside one’s own self, balance is achievable. When in balance and harmony, there is power that can be found within, power to take on anything that comes your way. There is a reason why finding and achieving balance is an ancient practice that continues to benefit those who dare to adopts its teachings. Finding balance with one’s own self, also means finding peace that comes from within. Find both and your life will be richly blessed.

Review 3:

Balance. Isn’t it what we’re all striving for? But balancing our Chakras is a lifelong endeavor, consisting of mostly small, daily changes and persistent mindfulness. With understanding and harnessing your Third Eye Chakra, Ajna, your mind is opened to creative solutions and concepts that aren’t available without first quieting the mind. Your intuition and higher wisdom come alive when this energy center if fully open and balanced. But how to create and maintain balanced Chakras is the ultimate, lifelong cultivation that is consistently challenging the mind, soul, and body. But by striving for that balance, we take control of our full self and unlock more potential, creativity and ability than we ever could without.

Review 4:

This pleasant tapestry is vibrant in colors and it truly shows the meaning of balance. You can see a contrast in use of tree's roots, and the celestial bodies in this tapestry that infers to two extremes of the spectrum and how everything still resides in between using balance. There is also the duality of humans in the form of man and its counterpart woman in a yogi pose showing us the importance of balance in our life. Personally, the most eye-catching element is the third eye in the tree.

Review 5:

Between geometric shapes lies a tree, in and of itself a geometric shape. The leaves made of stars, and the trunk a combobulation of a rectangular pointed oval. The roots mimic thick lines going in every which direction. A deep bluish and purple tone in them. A man and woman are on either side of the tree in the Lotus position. They perfectly meditate away. Beneath them are snakes. Green under the man, and pink under the woman. And in the center of the tree, the all-seeing eye. Bringing everything to a balance in between the heavens and the Earth.

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