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Forward Escape

February 20, 2018 2 min read

Review 1:

Forward Escape is a reminder of the creativity and complexity of the human mind.  Through the vibrant colors as well as the complicated design this image provokes one to consider how they view the world and what they could do to be more dynamic.  The blue color in the background invokes a feeling of mystery and being lost in the world.  At times in our life I think we should just take a step back and ponder what we’re doing with our life and how we can be sure that we’re following the path we want to so that we may accomplish the goals we strive for.

Review 2:

Everything around us is continually evolving and changing, never staying the same for very long. Whether it be the people around us, or the technology that emerges, everything evolves. Pushing us forward into a new realm of possibilities that before didn’t seem possible. Take a step outside of the norm and try to image the innumerable possibilities that tomorrow brings with it. Never be afraid to push the boundaries of what is, into what could be. Define a new tomorrow by pushing forward, challenging what is, and defining a new reality for others to experience and enjoy for themselves.

Review 3:

Isn’t the mind an amazing thing? When unlocked, our creative potential can imagine and design things it has never seen before and probably never will. The human mind is an amazing scientific anomaly that awes even the most experienced neurologists and psychologists. Although the mind’s ability to work creatively is what sets it apart, it is also constantly in direct opposition with the part that wants order and structure. We suppress the creatively of others and ourselves because of this consistent contrast. Order is what keeps us from growing and innovating, but we also need it to relate to one another and form some semblance of consistency, which we also crave. In the end, structure often wins the brain battle. We feel safe with what we know.

Review 4:

Have you ever felt that time is always speeding up? Or the future and all the fantasies and fictions future bring with it are getting more vivid. This is the kind of feeling one gets while staring at this beautiful tapestry. It is suitable for the any size of space because the graphic flair of this tapestry can accentuate and add character to any expanse. The colors of this tapestry are vibrant and eye-pleasing.

Review 5:

A mind untapped, open, not trapped. Whispers, images, feelings, fleeting and spewing forth. The dragons and fish are watching as guardians. Taking in all the sounds and vibrations. The aura starts to change. Reds, blues, purples, a tinge of green, and orange. Where is it all coming from? Where is it all going? The eyes have spread far apart, everything is now abstract. As abstract as it can all be. The skeleton is stripped of his flesh, his skin, his very being. The skeleton serves as a statue to let the escape pass. It leaves him and goes into the world.

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