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Rainbow Geisha

February 27, 2018 2 min read

Review 1: 

Complexity, distraction, and intimidation are critical influences in all people’s lives.  The woman in this image seems to be getting consumed by the complexity around her.  It’s as though she’s looking at someone while accepting the fate of her world of complexity with a sense of resolution and determination to get through life triumphantly.  The many different shapes and sizes of everything around her could represent different areas of her life that are taking up much of her thought, energy, time and resources.  This would be a great tapestry to hang somewhere in like a study room or a room for exercise / yoga!

Review 2:

Finding the calm amidst the storm, finding the silver lining, finding the rainbow at the end of the rainbow all provide the seeker with peace, hope, and comfort. The Rainbow Geisha reminds us to look for the good amidst all that is going on around us, amidst all the chaos that tends to creep in undetected, uninvited, unwanted. The calm, silver lining, and rainbow are always there, though not always easy to see, find or detect. We must look deep inside ourselves to find it, search the universe to unearth it, or chase the unknown to appreciate it. Never stop looking for it, it is out there waiting, yearning, and demanding to be found by those who truly seek it.

Review 3:

Beauty, grace, kindness, talent. This geisha radiates the inner and outer beauty and poise characteristic of a well-rounded and successful artisan and entertainer. Her unique grace and discipline are mystifying, and her pale makeup is the mask designed to effectively exude the confidence she was carefully trained to project.  Her vibrancy is infectious, ensnaring even the most closed off of customers. She has a gift. A personality that puts people at ease and makes them feel like they see her, even after being introduced just moments earlier. Her generations of Geisha ancestors have prepared her for a high-class career of being enjoyable company.

Review 4:

A beautiful tapestry like this deserves to be the perfect gift to your dear ones. The beautiful colors of this tapestry can add color and enlighten the mood of any setting. You can tell the emotions of the Geisha from her face. She seems timid and shy but pleasant to the eye.

Review 5:

Surrounded by colors, she comes forth from an array of objects. Squares, circles, honeycombs, and lotus flowers. Ornaments adorn her hair. The honeycomb flowers come in a combination of colors. Reds, whites, purples, blues and pinks. She is surrounded by rainbows. In the middle of her forehead, a red dot that symbolizes mystery. The geisha looks out. Her green eyes piercing through everything. She looks at something far beyond, in a single direction. She is much more than what she seems. Poised and alert like a snake she waits. Maybe she is waiting to make a move, maybe she is just watching.

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