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Bear Tapestry

April 06, 2017 3 min read


Review 1

The bear is a symbol of strength, courage, and to a varying degree- comfort. As a child we held our teddy bears and peered at them with a sense of security and warmth. Gentle blues across the sky elicit a strong sense of storm or turmoil, and the color passage from reflection to horizon line are perplexing. It is noted that the bear is obscured in the reflection, while the mountains behind him are move vivid and bright. This can be seen as an interpretation of what is better in real time, versus the retrospective vision. I would identify this image as a lesson in being present in the moment, and letting go of the desire to look into the romanticized version of reflection.


Review 2

Standing silently, alone, not daring to disturb the serenity, a bear stands as a symbol. The symbol of strength and submissiveness as the bear stands meekly while not daring to disturb the past. The bear is reflecting on the water as a link to his past, with the all-seeing eye, silently observing everything. Just like the majestic bear,  you looking at your own reflection can be a lot like looking into a reflection pond with food coloring. One color merging into the next, without quite mixing. You timidly reach out to touch each memory and emotion before they swirl into the next.


Review 3

In unrestrained reflections—water, or those times you learn from memories of experience passed—some things stand out clear, while others are blurred. And if you move even a muscle, a hair’s breadth, you will see the sharpness vacillate to ablur and back and forth and so forth. Each small move, each moment’s experience cause this truth to unfold, though you may not be able to tell for decades. Some rocks are clear and sharp in edge, but colorful only submerged in the water where they blur under current and shadow and sun. Stay fixed on the fluidity to find out what’s real.


Review 4

Life is whatever you make of it. The extraordinary can be found in the seemingly mundane motions of everyday life if you actively seek it. There is no glass ceiling to your potential and no end to the possibilities if you dare to reach for them. However, the beauty can’t be seen unless you stop and let the water settle. You can’t brush through life in a speedboat and expect to see the beauty that lies in the reflection. Agitation and frustrated waters will never bring out the exquisite loveliness that only comes from the tranquil looking glass that becomes the sea.


Review 5

In a world full of color, choices, and clouds, this bear considers his reflection. He is seeking for a deeper understanding of himself and his life’s potential. He wants to know who he truly is. The deep colors and majestic clouds symbolize the crazy world around him. Although the clouds may seem overbearing, they are bright and colorful symbolizing the exciting nature of life. The bright colors also impress the idea that there is indeed a calm after the storm. The skewed reflection of the water symbolizes the bear’s idea of himself-that he doesn’t have a full understanding. The bear has bits and pieces of knowledge, however, as he learns more about himself, more color and understanding envelope him.



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