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Rainbow Herbert

December 04, 2017 2 min read

Review 1:

In a black abyss, surrounded by darkness and silence is one lonely chameleon. Unlike anything else around, him he draws attention to himself, unable to blend into his surroundings. He is curled up in a self-defense position, eye ever alert, ever seeing. Each aspect of his body, the different colors, shapes and designs tell a different story, each one a symbol of where he has been, and what he has learned along the way. It is what makes him unique, makes him, who he is. Be brave, be bold, stand out from the rest, follow the example of the Rainbow Herbert!

Review 2:

A chameleon, floating throughout time and space. There is a rigid mystery about the him. He is very slow, and very methodical. He doesn’t change positions very often. When he does, a few hundred decades have passed in between. In each position he observes, taking each observation into his internal storage. The vast accumulation of knowledge manifests in the form of colors on his skin. The gecko travels on a path that will take him throughout the universe. The beauty of his skin allures travelers to come and behold the site. Not much is known about where the gecko came from, how long he has been alive, or why he is so big in stature.

Review 3:

A chameleon transforms to blend with its environment, but what color does the unthreatened lizard emit? What color does the content, comfortable, and care-free chameleon use to express itself when defense is not a priority? Does the lizard change in response to its current mood? The moods of others? Does it change colors to cheer up friends or family, or to find a mate? Does a secure chameleon use its color-changing capability as a channel for personal expression, to show the world how it sees itself and how it would like to be seen? Or does the chameleon just want to be left alone, to change for only itself, to impress no one and nothing?

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