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Hikari Mantra Yoga Mat

Metta Mats are simply the most vibrant reproduction of artwork available on a yoga mat. 

Metta Mats spent years developing a unique, high-performance surface material for our mats.

The artwork is fully encased inside of an environmentally-friendly material that protects the artwork, accentuates the colors, and has the perfect amount of grip.

25% of each sale supports the artist whose artwork is on the mat.

Each mat is made and quality tested in Philadelphia, PA


  • The surface has a supple, grippy texture that is completely waterproof. Sweat can easily be rinsed right off the mat
  • 5 lbs; 72” long; 24” wide; 4 mm thick
  • The mat's base is made from natural tree rubber and the surface material is LEED certified, water-based grip surface that is very durable.
  • High Density Cushion designed for joint protection and versatility on carpet, cement or hardwood floors.
  • Latex and PVC free