Phil Lewis

Electric Fox

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by Phil Lewis

  • 60 by 75 inches

  • 48 by 60 inches (coming soon / pre-order only)

"I did a lot of back country snowboarding, and there was a huge red fox that I would see almost daily. Every time we crossed paths, I felt that crazy energy that makes your hair stand on end… an electricity. He would usually appear in the peripheral, at the edge of the forest… and only for a second. We would acknowledge each other, and he would disappear before my dogs even noticed. Moments like those make me stop and think about my place in this world, and how lucky I am to experience it… about how these creatures exist in the wild far from our daily comings and goings, our errands, our chores… and even though it often feels like we are worlds apart, sometimes we share the same space, and we don't seem so different at all....I reflect on our inter-connectivity… how physically they may be different foxes, but spiritually they could be one. We are all sharing this life, this energy, this electricity… " - Phil Lewis