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March 25, 2023 2 min read

Juan Carreño de Miranda is a renowned Spanish Baroque artist who worked in the 17th century. He was born in 1614 in the small town of Tordesillas and is considered one of the most important Spanish artists of his time. He is most well-known for his religious paintings, which often feature saints and religious scenes.

Carreño de Miranda was a highly trained artist and studied under some of the best painters of his era. He began his apprenticeship at the age of 13 in the workshop of Pedro Roldán, a renowned sculptor. He then went on to study painting at the Academy of San Fernando in Madrid. He eventually became a master painter and spent much of his career painting religious works for various churches and convents.

Carreño de Miranda had a unique painting style, which combined realism and idealism. His works often had a naturalistic feel to them, with realistic details, yet were still filled with idealistic elements. His paintings were often filled with vibrant and intense colors, which made them stand out from other works of the time.

Carreño de Miranda was also a master of composition, as he was able to create dynamic and powerful paintings with a variety of techniques. He often used a dynamic diagonal composition, which gave his works a sense of movement and energy. He was also adept at creating a sense of depth in his paintings, which he achieved by using light and shadow to emphasize certain elements.

Carreño de Miranda was a highly successful artist during his lifetime and his works can still be seen in many churches and galleries around the world. He is remembered as one of the great Baroque painters of his time and his works are still highly admired today.