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Thirty Degrees To Know Where

  • includes "hanging-loops" for easy wall hanging
  • photo-quality printed on super-soft, fade resistant durable fabric
  • machine washable and dryer safe
  • 30%-of-profit goes directly to visionary artist Logan Walden
  • About the art: Painted live at Electric Forest Festival 2019 inside Reincarnation Village at "The Hive" art alter. The alter built around the painting consisted of hexagonal shapes. The lead carpenter who built the alter said he was obsessed with cutting 30-degree angles for a whole week. This painting was inspired by the awe-struck emotion I felt when I approached the incredible structure in the forest before the festival started.
  • About the artist: "My paintings of other worlds and sci-fi fantasy concepts cultivate a sense of wonder and spiritual connectivity. I believe my work is important in the sense that I am a conduit of something greater which channels through my imagination and creative abilities to be revealed on canvas. I think my best pieces are the ones born from visions I receive. Translating the images from my head to canvas has proven more difficult than expected but through my undying attempts to bring my imagination to fruition, I have fallen in love with the process of creating art." ~ Logan Walden