Water Message Crewneck Sweater

This crewneck sweater featuring original artwork is hand-printed and sewn in the USA. Acid Math now create our sweaters with two soft polyester fabrics. Will not to shrink or fade. Wash cold and air/hang dried.

Fabric: Acid Math found two polyester fleeces that they loved equally and couldn’t choose only one to offer, so they offer our crewneck sweaters on both fabrics!

Fabric 1: Brushed Poly Fleece: 100% brushed microfiber polyester fleece. This 8.0 ounce fleece is warm enough to keep you cozy but light enough to not be stuffy or make you too sweaty. Allows moisture to evaporate while trapping in the heat. The inside of the fabric is brushed to a super soft hand for a luxurious feel. The outside is a 4-way knit to allow for durability and excellent imaging.

Fabric 2: Stretchy Fleece: This 5.9 ounce super-lightweight fleece is a truly unique fleece fabric. It’s 82% polyester and 18% spandex. This fabric is unbelievably soft and stretchy. Perfect for indoor or all-weather wear. This lightweight fabric is not ideal for a very cold evening, but is unforgettably comfortable. Stretchy 4-way knit construction is super soft on the outside and even softer on the inside.

Imaging: Acid Math uses Italian-made sublimation dyes to permanently place the graphics onto the fabric. This process involves bonding individual dye molecules to the fiber molecules. This provides an incredibly high-detail, vibrant image. Both of these fleeces take on the dye with exuberant detail and vibrancy.

Construction: This sweater is sewn with a high-end extruded polyester thread made in Germany that is soft to the touch and stretches with the garment. Garment is designed to have a stylish fit that is not boxy, but is forgiving and not overly tight. Finally, the tag is sublimated into the inside neck area of the garment leaving no texture behind. 

What Your Purchase Supports: Each Acid Math garment is constructed in the USA. Every artist collects a percentage of the proceeds. 

Sizing: We've just released this new item, the sizing is based on our long sleeve tee pattern. Sweater will fit comfortably over a t-shirt. Order based upon your measurements.

Size Small Medium Large X-Large XX-Large
Chest 37-39 39-41 41-44 44-47 47-49
Length 28.75 29.25 30.25 31.25 31.75
Sleeve 25.25 25.25 25.25 26 26.25