Simon Haiduk

Night Vision Cloak

The Acid Math cloak is made of 2 layers of soft polyester fleece and can be worn reversibly. It is a weighty item that is super warm and versatile. Excellent for staying warm on a cold night at a festival or even being used as a blanket. This cloak is quick to take on or off, reverse which side is facing out, or access the hidden stash pocket in the seam. The clasp at the neck is a simple hook and loop. One side can be velcro attached the inside of the garment and the other end has a second hook and loop clasp. Wash cold and air/hang dried. One size fits all: The cloak will reach the floor for any wearer under 4'10" and will rest comfortably about the knees for those around 6'5"

Total weight is almost exactly 4 LBS - it's like a safety blanket!

Fabric: Brushed Poly Fleece:100% brushed microfiber polyester fleece. This is made of 2 layers of 8.0 ounce polyester fleece for a super warm and heavy cloak. The interior side is made of black fleece and the outside is printed with a rich, soft 4 way stretch fleece for excellent comfort and imaging.

Imaging:Acid Math uses Italian-made sublimation dyes to permanently place the graphics onto the fabric. This process involves bonding individual dye molecules to the fiber molecules. This provides an incredibly high-detail, vibrant image.This fleece take on the dye with exuberant detail and vibrancy.

Construction:This cloak is sewn with a high-end extruded polyester thread made in Germany that is soft to the touch and stretches with the garment. The stitching is done with delicate care. All seams are topstitched down for a clean finished look. There is a stash pocket in the seam perfectly hidden from view and quick to access.

What Your Purchase Supports: Each Acid Math garment is constructed in the USA. Every artist collects a percentage of the proceeds.

Size: One size fits all.